Clients and collaborators

Dan Lockton has worked on design for behaviour change with a range of clients and collaborators, and brings this experience to Requisite Variety. Design workshops, research engagements, consultancy and guest talks and lectures have been carried out with/for commercial, public sector, non-profit and academic organisations, including:

Commercial logos
Public sector and non-profit logos
Academic logos

Design workshops, presentations, judging and mentoring for industry conferences and education events include:

Industry conference logos
Organisations' logos

Organisations which have bought Requisite Variety’s Design with Intent toolkit for their own use include: BBC, XPLANE Corp, Cooper, Philips Research, Futerra, EDF R&D, BSRIA, EMC Consulting, Rattle Research, CBS Interactive, Fox, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Bayer Healthcare, European Bioinformatics Institute, Optimal Usability, Epicenter Consulting, Box UK, Cooler Solutions, JustGiving, Mayridge and Ecodesign Centre Wales. It’s also in use by a number of educational institutions worldwide to teach courses in interaction design, product design, ecodesign and technology policy.

Our associates additionally bring experience with a wide range of international and local organisations across a number of sectors.


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