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Consultancy & user research

We provide a range of consultancy services around design, people and systems, in both social and commercial contexts, for products, services and environments:

  • reviewing broader scope approaches to design for behaviour change strategy in your organisation’s sector or area of focus: social, environmental or commercial
  • developing specific techniques, applying patterns from the Design with Intent toolkit and elsewhere to your brief to generate concepts and introduce considerations of behaviour into the product development process
  • state-of-the-art reporting on how advances in academic behavioural research can be usefully applied in your context

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As part of the consultancy process, we also undertake user research focused on investigating and understanding interaction behaviour, including:

  • structured investigation of people’s mental models and behavioural heuristics in use contexts, using human factors methods such as cognitive walkthroughs and hierarchical task analysis and design-oriented methods such as constructing mental model diagrams, affinity mapping and functional decomposition
  • prototyping of products and interfaces to enable contextual investigation of user behaviour and responses
  • hands-on activities and workshops exploring users’ mental models of the systems around them, and their heuristics for making sense of new systems, including walkshops and annotating environments
  • online research studies including custom survey design and visualisation of results
  • design ethnography studies, observing users / customers / other participants in relevant contexts and eliciting behavioural insights, needs and priorities
  • participatory design and co-creation workshops, enabling users to become fully involved in the design process, and identifying relevant needs, priorities and use-cases

See also details of the workshops, training and speaking we offer on design, behaviour and idea generation.

Please get in touch for more information, or to discuss how we could work together: or @danlockton on Twitter.

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