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Products and services

Requisite Variety offers:

  • Consultancy on design approaches to influencing behaviour: strategies and specific techniques, state-of-the-art reporting on the latest advances in academic behaviour change research, and user research including ethnographic studies, participatory design and investigation of mental models and behavioural heuristics
  • The Design with Intent toolkit, a crossdisciplinary collection of design patterns for behaviour change, published online and in printed form
  • Workshops, training and speaking on design, behaviour and idea generation

See some of our clients and collaborators in the commercial, academic, non-profit and public sectors.

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Dr Dan Lockton is an interaction designer and researcher specialising in design for behaviour change and exploring public understanding of everyday technology; as part of his PhD at Brunel, he created the Design with Intent toolkit, a popular resource for the emerging field of design for behaviour change. In March 2013 he joined the Royal College of Art’s Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, working on SusLabNWE, a collaboration between a number of European universities and institutions which aims to bring a human-centred design perspective to domestic energy, resource and behaviour monitoring, and Creative Citizens, which brings together community groups with technology in practical ways. He has also recently worked with startup CarbonCulture on a TSB-funded project around engaging staff in more sustainable behaviour, and has held previous academic research positions at the University of Warwick and Brunel University, and as a visiting practitioner at Central Saint Martins.

Requisite Variety is applying insights and expertise developed through ongoing academic research to practical contexts, in particular for social and environmental benefit, across user experience, service and interaction design.

We work with a network of associates with specialist skills and subject expertise, including:

  • Harriet Riley FRSA specialises in managing community development projects, particularly through facilitating volunteering for social benefit. She is Time Credits Facilitator for Spice, pioneering a community volunteering scheme in Paddington, London, and works with a diverse range of people, using a variety of user-centred design techniques to help groups overcome challenges and barriers to development. Previous roles include managing local development for a major youth charity, supporting volunteers, establishing new groups and promoting links with external partners.

Our approach

We are dedicated to research through practice, and our work generally aims to advance knowledge as we investigate and understand problems. A major inspiration is the cybernetic concept of requisite variety, and its implications for designing systems involving human behaviour; another is the concept of ecological rationality and its relationship to people’s mental models of the systems around them.

Please get in touch for more information, or to discuss how we could work together: dan@requisitevariety.co.uk or @danlockton on Twitter.


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